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Not sure what a gay cub is? Have a look around the site and see plenty of gay cubs complete with detailed profiles, and you will soon say find a gay cub near me!

The same really applies for gay chubbies, so if you are unsure what a gay chubby is, well look around the many gay chubs with their unique profiles, and you will definitely want to find a gay chubby near you! Hey, guess what the same goes for gay cubsters and gay otters on this gay bear dating site. Check out the otters at this gay bear den with their fabulous profiles, and once again you won't have far to go to find a gay otter near me!

So, this is the best gaybears dating service and it is so easy for you to meet a gay bear in a highly successful gay community. Galleries, Checkin features, Notes and More. GROWLr allows only males 18 years or older.

Gay Bears Dating | Gay Otters

Photos depicting nudity or sex acts are strictly prohibited. Visit us on Facebook: Reviews Review Policy. View details.


Flag as inappropriate. Visit website.

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OK CAN WE work on the sound effects now clearly you can either have the sound on or off whether my phone volume is up all the way or on mute so how about you fix that so that if i turn my volume down the app goes down with it instead of on and off that would be fantastic One last issue with blocks is they are liMited to blocks even on paid but if you would fix or limit the issue above that would help or if they are inactive 10 months or a year they should probably be removed esp if they are closing and opening accounts none stop because they you tun out of room to keep them blocked esp is their are reasons they are blocked just something to seriously think about.

We are unaware of any other application that has the 30 or 60 day policy, but will take a look into the issue to see if this is something that is common with our competitors.

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Have a great day! The UI is very poorly designed. Clicking on a thumbnail brings up a page in which the top half is reserved for the profile main image, which rarely shows the entire image. You have to tap the image yet again to get a full screen view.

The profile page should present the same image as the thumbnail only bigger. Beneath the profile image is a horizontal bar of thumbnails, one of which is for the image currently occupying the top half of the profile page. Those repetitive icons should be replaced by a button with an ellipsis, thus freeing up valuable screen real estate. Additionally, this icon usually fails to work.

Instead of displaying the feed it brings up the full screen main profile image unless tapped with a forefinger.

The 2016 Top 10 Best Gay Dating Apps Gay Travelling Alone Should Know

And the feed includes items for when a user has added a private photo, which is pretty useless to know unless that user has unlocked his photos for you. The toggle controls are too wide and too close together vertically such that you have to be very carefully to select the correct one.

Gay Bear Dating

The UI is outdated, cumbersome and in desperate need of an update. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad.

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best gay bear dating app Best gay bear dating app
best gay bear dating app Best gay bear dating app
best gay bear dating app Best gay bear dating app
best gay bear dating app Best gay bear dating app
best gay bear dating app Best gay bear dating app
best gay bear dating app Best gay bear dating app
best gay bear dating app Best gay bear dating app
best gay bear dating app Best gay bear dating app

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