Gay people go to hell

So you’re saying gay people can’t love each other?
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The same would go for any human being engaged in any sexual sin; just as Paul says in his first letter to the Corinthians, "Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Shall I then take the members of Christ and make them members of a harlot? Certainly not! When we accept Christ as Savior, we also make a decision to live the way He wants us to live — righteously by the power of the Holy Spirit.

If you need additional help understanding these concepts, or if you'd simply like to speak with someone about your personal situation, call our staff of counselors.

Ask John: 'Can I be both gay and a Christian?'

They'd love to discuss your questions and concerns with you over the phone. Resources The Gay Gospel? Is the Bible Intolerant? Referrals Desert Stream Ministries.

When is the Church going to come around and accept gay marriage?

What does this mean? God's design for natural sexual relationships is part of His plan.

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Homosexuality falsifies what God designed. Sin often means not only rejecting God but denying or rejecting how and why we are made. Though it may be considered acceptable by some today -- even in some churches -- it is not acceptable to God.

'Church makes gay lives hell' says priest - BBC News

And we need to take that seriously. Sexual sins were rampant in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. This is the origin of the word sodomy.

Despite warnings, they refused to repent. God destroyed those cities and it was recorded as a warning to all future generations Genesis Some additional scriptures on homosexuality are found in: Leviticus Most vocal Christians are not homophobic, but are trying to share Christ's love for homosexuals and trying to keep them from horrific judgment.

Is there hope for forgiveness?

The Catholic Church Cares About Gays - for Catholic Youth

You might want to check out our social networking site, TrevorSpace www. It could be helpful to take a look at different types of sexual orientations, like asexual, bisexual, and bi-romantic. Even if you decide none of these labels suit you, you may gain a better understanding of your feelings.

Do you know anyone — a supportive friend, family member, teacher, or community leader — would could be open to having a conversation about gender identity or sexual orientation? If you every need immediate support, know that the Trevor Lifeline is just a phone call away at My family is so conservative and very religious. You are not alone in facing this challenge — and figuring out what to do can be really tough. As you consider whether or not to come out, the most important thing is for you to be safe and comfortable with your decision.

Homosexuality and Salvation

There are benefits and risks to coming out, and each person has to weigh the pros and cons for themselves. However, there are also challenges you need to consider. How do you think they might react if you told them you were gay? Would you be safe, or would you be afraid that they might kick you out of the house? As you might already know, various faiths and congregations have different views on the LGBT community.

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Gay people go to hell

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