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Simple, bisexual and largest Full Article free dating is a time when someone writes an grindr is eligible for a safe and embarrassing questions. Ideal for gay men. In the past 20 years, the Internet has significantly changed what it means to grow up as a gay kid in this country. Before the Web, many gay young people grew up in what seemed to be isolation, particularly those in small towns.

But with the advent of online chat rooms and Websites dedicated to gay culture, communities formed, and that demographic began finding new support. That change can be seen in the experiences of two women who grew up in the same town, two decades apart. Growing up in Springfield, Ill. So, you know, I kept quiet about it," he says.

For decades, being a gay kid often meant holding tight to a secret you couldn't share, or having no one to talk to about feelings you might not fully understand. But the Internet, Gross says, allowed gay kids to find each other for the first time. Stephanie Sandifer grew up in Sulphur, La. She says her exposure to people who were gay then was limited to stereotypes. Courtesy of Stephanie Sandifer hide caption. Stephanie Sandifer grew up in the small town of Sulphur, La. In her mind at the time, gay men were supposed to be hair dressers, and lesbians were supposed to be gym coaches. These stereotypes didn't fit her reality. She had feelings for girls, but there were almost no real images of gay people in popular culture. And she felt there was no one in Sulphur she could talk to about it. And then suddenly we were able to get on the Web and find websites dedicated to the culture. Mark Elderkin founded Gay.

So we knew we were on to something. And it wasn't just adults on sites like his. For the first time, gay teens in small towns had a place they could come out, a place they could talk.

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Even today, they find him and thank him. He says the stories he hears are often similar, about how Gay.

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